Contributors earn 25% of each paid purchase of their artwork.

Read below for more detail.

Our guidelines have been created to ensure we are providing powerful imagery that designers may confidently use in their projects.


Technical Requirements

Images on Pridestock must be at least 1920x1080px. A higher resolution is always the better choice.


You may only upload images to Pridestock that you have entirely created on your own.


Visual Requirements

Any image submitted must have a well defined subject, in focus, and compelling color and composition.

Embedded Text
Times Stamps
Copyright Symbols

Your photo may also be rejected for the following:
Image Noise
Reduced Quality
Too Small
Too Blurry
Off-Putting Angles or Colors Balances
JPEG compression


Photos of People

Please note any photos submitted where a person’s face is visible, you must have expressed right to release from the subject.


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